Vitaly Design: The Art of Handcrafted


Vitaly Design has been killing it ever since their launch, which seems just a short time ago. Since I became introduced to the brand, I’ve been obsessed with their designs, pieces, and the fact that it’s all handmade. If you missed my first post about them, check it out here for more info on their background.

Even more impressive is this video they launched that follows the process from start to finish of making their “Amici” ring – a popular piece from their clocks & colours collection. Watch it below…

The brand is always keeping things fresh, especially with the recent release of some of their new pieces.


This is their new black on black on black stainless steel amici with box chain.

The new stainless steel freunde – available in gold, stainless steel, and matte black. 1463166_687091854648668_682043163_n

The new zanmi in gold – this piece is killer!

The Sequoia…

If you want to grab your hands on some of these awesome pieces, visit their website here.

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